As companies grow the IT infrastructure grows with it, we are here to help with the expansion within your office adding more network points, or moving existing points.

However there comes a time when the company will expand beyond the space it has available and will need to relocate!

We are here to help not only with the new infrastructure within your new premises (see other services) but also with the relocation itself.

From a few desks, a whole floor to the entire company, we can de-install and pack away all the equipment desk by desk and prepare for transport to the new location. Each desks equipment and specific layout is carefully logged before being carefully packed away.

Our process will also help your IT department manage the company’s assets and establish old equipment that is redundant but has not removed from the office floor.

The equipment can either then be shipped by your movers or by us to your new premises, where it is then re-installed back to the same layout as before ready for your staff to start straight away after the move, meaning limited down time and cost for the company.

We can offer excellent short term storage capabilities if the move is delayed for any reason in secure premises to make sure your company data & equipment is held safely.

Working over night or a weekend, we can make sure that your staff are not inconvenienced, so from the close of business on a Friday afternoon we will ensure that the whole process is completed ready for the Monday morning.

We will perform an initial site survey at the new premises and also if required Test & Certificate the data. This ensures that the process is completed as efficiently as possible with the minimum amount of fuss.

Whether it’s a temporary move for refurbishment or into new premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or site survey and we will be happy to explain the other services we can offer that could make your company transition and expansion as easy as possible.

Technical Office Relocation