Wifi Networks

If you are experiencing problems with your existing wireless network or devices, whether it be with stability, speed or intermittent issues, we have the ability to investigate the ‘invisible’ side of the network to help identify the problem.

Using our signal scanning software and tools, we are able to check all manner of signal transmission information that will be present around your premises. Not only WiFi networks but any system transmitting signals with the possibility of interfering with your wireless network.

From these results we can offer recommendations to rectify the problem and give advice regarding the most effective options for optimal WiFi performance.



We have the capability to test and certify your physical network (ie. the cabled connections). We use industry recognised test equipment which will produce full compliance reports for each cable link and highlight any problems.

We have the ability to identify whether the problem is either a termination issue and at which end, or even pinpoint the problem at a specific distance along the cable.

Repairs can be undertaken if possible, we will also recommend any necessary cabling upgrades or replacements to ensure network conformity.


Fibre Optic

Fibre cable backbones and links are a main connection for many networks today. A complete system performance can be compromised if this backbone is underperforming.

From OM1 to OM4, OS1 & OS2 (multimode or single mode), we can test and certify the fibre cabling links.  In addition to the cable test, we can also check the physical port connections in the comms cab patch panel without disturbing any existing network connections.

Our tester will provide a comprehensive report with every cable/port tested and includes the relevant power and light readings to certify the cable for network performance.

To add to our services of certification, we can also check the enface of cables and panel connections with our video inspection scope which can then produce a physical picture to confirm its state of cleanliness. As the level of this will dramatically effect the network performance, we can either clean the effected connection or even re-terminate the end if required.

We have the necessary equipment to also be able to offer a fibre termination service. We can provide all the cables, connections and cabinet hardware required. All the main types of connection are available and include ST,LC, SC or MTRJ to suit your network standard.