Audio Distribution

We are able to supply and install audio equipment for background/entertainment music within a number of environments including:

  • Health Clubs
  • Refreshment Areas
  • Reception Areas
  • Open Offices
  • Rest Areas
  • Show Rooms
  • Retail Stores

We can offer systems that will allow a number of sources including Radio, CD or MP3 to entertain employees or customers.

With a connection to a TV, sports and media events can be played throughout the area. Speakers can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted to make them as discrete as possible to create a pleasant working or shopping environment.

With connection to the internet, streamed options are available to allow music to be controlled by external companies creating up to the minute playlists or music suitable for your clientele, uplifting dance music for gyms to jazz for piano bars.

Smart Board Installation

From presentations to educational purposes Smart Boards offer a very interactive way to communicate. We can specify, install and configure systems with minimum fuss in most areas with connection back to a PC to run the presentation.

AV Installation
We are also able to run cabling infrastructure if necessary to the new office/classroom. 

Screen and Projector Installations

Whether large LED Screens or projector screens we can specify the right display for your project. We can supply and install into the following areas:

  • Boardrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Office Areas for Sales/Call Stats etc

Specifying the correct display is keen to getting your message across to Employees, Clients or Customers. We can install projection based systems into boardrooms and training rooms to maximise the impact of your presentations.  For reception areas carefully positioned displays can create a welcoming area for visitors showing a variety of information from news, promotions to company information. Using a centralised video distribution system multiple screens can display the same or different sources easily controlled from a single location.